Beginner’s Mind

You may think you're in the middle of it, you may think it's ending, you might even think it's over – but here's the secret: it's always beginning!

This is wonderful news! Rejoice!

You already know the implications of this fact, of course.

When you think you've got it figured out - when you focus on the end and not the means...that's when you get mad. That's when you separate from others. That's when you become blind to what's right in others. That's when your world starts to turn against you.

It's reactive. It's limiting. It's not for you.

When we all think we know better, we've nothing in common. There's no place to go. It's over.

Ahhh, but when you have NO IDEA, and you admit it...that's when you're most approachable, that's when you are fascinated by the world and everyone in it, that's when people give you a break (followed by a hand), that's when your eyes are bright and your tail turns bushy, that's when you're really you.

It's freeing. It's expansive. It's yours for the taking.

When we all admit that we don't know, we become equal. Our ground is common. We begin together.

Be an eternal BEGINNER with your return, they will be eternally grateful, eternally open, eternally exploring.

Watch the space of your relationship open up. If you close your eyes, you will sense the raised eyebrows of a golden retriever pup. You will feel an inviting, gentle, curious, playful tilt of the head...just a few degrees to the right. Pupils dilate ever so slightly...

That's your cue: grab the leash, put on your comfy shoes, pick-up a tennis ball, and go out for a walk in the sunshine. Just you and your client.


The Source

The source is the opposite of the beginning. The beginning is eternal and always happening, and you can never see the end because you can only see the beginning. The beginning is everywhere around us and we can't look anywhere without seeing the beginning.

The source is different. The source is at the center of the core of the earth and is one small, infinitesimal point...but that point is also cut in half and then cut in half again and then again and again again again again again again...forever.

The source has become so concentrated that is not visible, it is not material, it is not logical, it simply is. You can't see it and yet the entire universe is contained within it.

That's where the Big Bang came from – look what that created.

Where is your source?

When was its Big Bang?

What will it create?

Who will help you find it?

The Way It Was…(the eggshell sandwich)

So many people are stuck in the way it was. It haunts us. It keeps us small. It is the land where our saboteurs thrive. It is the land of the eggshell sandwich.

People who live in fear do not make noise...for the intruder will hear them and come in for the kill. As a result, we end up walking on eggshells. Every day, all day. After all that walking, we get callouses on our feet, so we don't feel the sharp edges any more. We tell ourselves instead that it is a comfortable carpet.

Every day we make more eggshells...then we repeat. Sooner than later, we end up eating eggshell sandwiches because that is all we have in the house.

When you're ready to say, "Enough!", and stand up to the intruder in your life, it will be scary. And you may have gotten so malnourished from all the eggshells, that you will find it difficult to muster the courage to take a stance.

When you're there - ready to break the oppressive, outdated mold of yesterday - that's when it is time to get someone in your corner.

It's lonely at the top, it's lonely at the bottom, and it is lonely in the middle. The middle is where you have likely forgotten that you are even alive.

That "someone in your corner" is your coach. Your coach is your sparring partner. Your coach sees your potential. Your coach will prepare you for battle. Most importantly, your coach is waiting to welcome the real you back to your life. In fact, that is the only thing your coach cares about.

If you're ready to meet yourself, go out and get a coach. The way it was no longer works.

And that's just the way it is.