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Steve Tulowitzki - a curator of the Coaching Revolution
Hello World!

My name is Steve Tulowitzki, and I've started this initiative from my basement in Munster, Indiana (a mere 30 miles outside of Chicago – I'm closer to the city than I am to corn). I am the husband of one and the father of two lovely girls.

I am also a coach, trained by CTI – the Coaches Training Institute, and I have a full-time job as the Head of Learning and Development for North America at a well-known strategy consulting firm.

A few years ago, before the birth of our first daughter, and after 13 years working my ass off in the consulting industry, I had an experience that happens to many of us – even though only a few of us actually admit it. I had a severe burn out.

This terrible time marked a period of intense and joyous personal awakening and the start of a new path for me. It took me over a year to come to grips with the fact that my ego was leading my life, and I was basically absent from it.

During this recovery period, I had the gift of time to reflect on the choices I had made and what I really wanted my life to be about. That's when I decided to use my skills and experience to help others and start teaching for a living – I knew I would be doing most of the learning!

This is also when I got introduced to the world of coaching. I hired a coach on my own, and she helped me get through the initial steps of my path to recovery.

Two days after I met with my coach for the first time, my wife and I decided to move from our dream life in mystical Amsterdam back to my hometown of Munster, Indiana.  The salt of the Earth.  The modest midwest.

We went back to where I grew up as a child so that I could grow up again, as an adult and with the wonder of a child.  And two children of our own to raise.

Now that I have a job I really love...teaching and coaching people with most of my time...I have realized that there are some fundamental misconceptions about what coaching actually is. These misconceptions make coaching minuscule. And I want to make coaching matter!

Coaching is CPR for the soul!  Only, no one knows how or when to dial 9-1-1.

To help right this wrong, and to make coaching more accessible to the seven billion people on the planet, I created

I have big dreams for this thing and passion like I've never felt passion for anything before.

I see so many friends, loved ones, and wonderful human beings simply existing in their lives.  They permit history and tradition (from decades ago) to govern how their lives unfold.  I know because I did the same for more than thirteen years!

Increasingly, this means that people are working longer hours, losing more hair, buying larger and larger pants ("trousers" for those of you in the UK), sleeping less, worrying more, and all the while - they are missing their one shot at seeing their children grow up, they are not the main character in their lives, and they can't remember the last time they even took a bit of "me time" (without stewing in a pool their own guilt).

When was the last time you felt like a kid?  Was it while you were working?  I hope so - I hope that happens several times a day.  If it doesn' can.

Coaching is a tool. is the best tool I know that absolutely helps people wake up to their true selves - their authentic nature - their childlike joy - their connection with their beautiful human emotions - their pursuit of happiness.

If you care about people and believe that authenticity is the antidote to settling for less, please join me in "Creating the Coaching Revolution that will lead to the Rise of Authenticity!"

Let's Make Coaching Matter - Together!!!

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