Only If…

22 Dec 2017

What do you know, I'm 42.

Twice the legal age.
The one we were all racing for.

No one races for forty-two.
Perhaps we shouldn't race at all.
The race is over.

You've arrived!
Stop. Look around. See. Listen. Be. Breathe. Smile. Cry. Emote. Live.

To live life fully, the saying goes, follow your passions...

Chase them down the hall.
Peak around the corner at them.
Follow them on facebook.
Stay up late at night and dream about them.
Dream with your friends about how wonderful a life together with your passions would be.

If only...

At forty-two, "If only" turns around and looks backward...
It becomes inspired by what it now sees in the past
It charters a new course from a new understanding

It becomes "Only if..."

Only if something fills my life with passion and purpose will I do it
Only if I've learned the lessons from the failure, will I move on
Only if I'm bringing joy to those around me, will I find joy in myself
Only if I am fully, 100.0% present with you, am I being 100.0% real with myself.

42. The year of the fighter pilot.

Only if...

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Steve Tulowitzki

Hi, I'm Steve. I am a dad, a husband, a coach, a trainer, a friend, and a seeker of my true self; on a quest for truth and good in the world. I've served clients as a strategy consultant since 1999. When I decided to stop talking and start listening, I began my journey to become a coach. I've been trained by the Coaches Training Institute as a Co-Active coach. Here are some fundamentals about Co-Active coaches:. We don't believe that people have problems and need to be fixed - we believe that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. We don't walk around life with a predetermined script - we dance in each moment. We don't focus on problems or drone on with our own advice and pretense - we focus on the whole person to help you discover your solutions...often in unexpected places in the unfamiliar nooks and crannies of your humanity. We don't shy away from the uncomfortable questions - we won't let you off the hook, because our goal is always to evoke transformation. My dream is to create and contribute to the coaching revolution so that we can all walk around with eyes wide open in a modern, more authentic world. I can't wait to join forces with you. According to Mark Twain, "The secret of getting ahead is getting started." So let's get started!

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